Metal Insider’s Top 5: GG Allin metal covers

Posted by on June 29, 2016

gg allin

Depending who you ask, one can say that one of the most controversial frontman and entertainer in recent history of rock and roll was the late GG Allin. Going from self-mutilation, coprophagia, assault and many other stage antics that are still talked about nowadays are part of GG Allin’s history which ended 23 years ago on this exact date. For that, it’s expected to have some metal artists who admired the boldness of his personality and have paid tribute to him by doing some covers of his music so we decided to compile some of the best GG Allin metal covers we know about.


5. Forgotten Tomb – Gypsy Motherfucker

GG Allin was notorious for his explicit lyrics daring to push the boundaries, touching subjects like violence, pedophilia, racism, misogyny and everything that would offend most nowadays. He also just made songs blatantly telling everyone to go to hell and Forgotten Tomb covered one of them “I’m a Gypsy Motherfucker” in their tribute split album with Whiskey Ritual. If this doesn’t make you go out and tell everyone to fuck off, nothing else will:


4. Whiskey Ritual – Bite It You Scum

As we mentioned above, Forgotten Tomb made a split album with Italian black ‘n’ roll outfit Whiskey Ritual and, among the many great tracks they covered, we believe “Bite It You Scum” sounds the best cause it really has that GG Allin spirit on its own way. Aside from the low growls in the vocals, you can hear how great it combines that punk sound with a heavier distortion.



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