Five bands to watch for at Inferno Fest

Posted by on April 15, 2014

infernoAs we mentioned, Metal Insider is going to be attending Norway’s Inferno Fest this week. We’re extremely excited to make our presence known in a country so well known for it’s metal presence. 53 bands will be playing the festival over four days, which is a nicely manageable amount without being too overwhelming. And while a handful of well-known bands (Hatebreed, Dimmu Borgir, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Sigh) are playing, there are a lot more bands that are underground and/or regional. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of five bands playing the Inferno Fest to keep an eye on even if you’re not going to be in Oslo later this week.


Although Polish black metal band Mgla (which means “fog” in Polish) have been around since 2000, it wasn’t until six years ago that they released their debut full-length, Groza. They followed that up with 2012’s With Hearts Toward None. Both are great modern black metal albums, and as you might guess from their first release, Crushing the Holy Trinity, are Satanic.




Okay, so maybe Arabrot aren’t that unheard of. Our homies at Metal Sucks wrote about them a few years back. The band gets their name from a city garbage disposal in their hometwon of Haugsesun, Norway that’s also happens to be a school for troubled youth. It’s pretty amazing noise-rock that actually netted the band a Norwegian Grammy back in 2012 for the album Solar Anus. Just that last sentence alone should be enough to make you want to watch them. The disturbing video for the album’s title track should also help.

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