credit: Steven Anthony Roe


Industrial metal outfit Contracult’s guitarist Culprit has teamed up with Metal Insider to reveal their top 5 albums of 2022. Check out the group’s latest effort, The New Torment, featuring collaborations with Mayhem’s Attila Csihar, at this location.


01) Soul Blind, Feel it all Around

I could get into detail of them having 90s and post – whatever sounding influences, but the truth is they are a catchy as all hell heavy rock band. This stuff will be stuck in your head forever.




02) Trauma Ray, Transmissions

Ft Worth, Texas band bringing hard charging fuzzed out riffs that morph into beautiful floating shoegaze-y melodies effortlessly. Think early Filter meets Slowdive!




03) Spiter, Bathe the Babe in Bats Blood 

Punk, early black metal and heavy metal. Self proclaimed “True Vampyric Metal Punk.” They have everything you want, blood, theatrics and songs that head bang yourself to the finish line before you know what hit you. 





04) Jesus Wept, Psychedelic Degeneracy 

Detroit based band with obvious similarities sound wise to melo-death eras of Carcass. Crisp production and slamming riffs all day. 





05) Vomit forth, Seething Malevolence 

These guys mix Brutal DM, Hardcore and Slam perfectly. Minus an intro track and a sample track , this thing never lets up.