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Posted by on July 20, 2009

Fellow metal scribe Chris Steffen (who’s work has appeared in Rolling Stone) has launched a new blog, Metal Is Neat. Much like someone that would say “neat” in a sentence, the blog is pretty square. In fact, the entries so far consist of posts discussing the merits of some of the worst music of  bands’ careers. It started with a post about the five best songs from Metallica’s Load and Reload and continues with a post about how awesome Chinese Democracy is. Steffen tells us he’s serious about the blog, but we’re not sure if it’s honest or satire. Especially with passages like this:

When examining two albums everyone loves as much as Metallica fans love Load and ReLoad, it was really hard putting together the top five tunes from one of the band’s most bitchin’ eras. I wish there existed a Year and a Half in the Life Of-style documentary about putting together these albums, because it would have been way more interesting than watching Lars go into total focus mode to play tambourine on “Nothing Else Matters.”

To be fair, he mentions during the GN’R post that much of his job at Rolling Stone for the past year was writing about keeping track of the various bootleg versions of Chinese Democracy floating around, so it’s pretty easy to see how he might have gotten hooked into the album. But regardless, we’re looking forward to seeing other posts, like about how awesome Celtic Frost’s Cold Lake, Van Halen’s album with Gary Cherone,  and Machine Head’s rap metal album were.

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