The world is cruel and relentless and when you become its target, it will make sure you get all the hell it has but don’t worry, we’re talking about Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger so you can rest easy.

A few months ago, the world skipped a heartbeat when the Canadian singer announced his divorce with the other Canadian singer, Avril Lavigne making the world a sadder place for all of us. That happened a month after Nickelback was forced to cancel their world tour due to the intracordal cyst Kroeger had, which needed to be treated by surgery and that incident affected over 60 dates in North America and Europe. While Kroeger’s divorce had some sort of happy ending, the tour cancellation won’t have the same fate.

After the tour cancellation happened, the band filed the claim to their  insurance company Lloyd’s of London to recover the loses but, according to TMZ, Lloyd’s not letting it go that easy and is suing Kroeger for never disclosing his condition, voiding any claim on their policy.

Things don’t seem to be going well for Kroeger, particularly when is being sued by one of the oldest and largest insurance markets in the world which, it’s safe to assume have a good handle on their business.