Czech Appeals Court Officially Clears Randy Blythe In Fan’s Death

Posted by on June 5, 2013

In March, Randy Blythe was found not guilty of causing the death of fan Daniel Nosek during a show two years prior in Prague. And now, almost a year after he was arrested and held in a Prague prison, a Czech Appeals Court has officially cleared the Lamb Of God singer of all charges.

According to the Associated Press, an appeals court has upheld Blythe’s acquittal. Though Prague’s municipal court found him not guilty, the state prosecutor did try to appear the verdict. This latest ruling, though, officially means Blythe is clear of all charges and does not need to worry about getting called back into court.

Last month, Blythe issued a lengthy recount of his experience, including his emotional interaction with the deceased fan’s family. While he may be officially cleared of blame in the eyes of the court, Blythe’s statement made it clear that he will never forget what happened and will do his best to ensure something similar doesn’t happen at his shows again.

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