The Devil Wears Prada Sign With Roadrunner

Posted by on February 19, 2013

After a pair of albums on Ferret Music, The Devil Wears Prada have signed with Roadrunner Records. Their fifth full-length album will be released this fall on the label, and will be executive-produced by Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewisz. “We’ve put so much time into the new songs already, and we’re really happy where things are sitting,” vocalist Mike Hranica says. “I think with Roadrunner in the picture, it’s only more encouraging as far as compiling a record that we can be proud of and a record that exists well as Dead Throne‘s successor.”

The move makes sense for everyone. With Ferret fully absorbed by the Warner Music Group even before the last album, both Roadrunner and Fueled by Ramen had some involvement with 2010’s Dead Throne after it was released. And with Roadrunner looking to maintain their identity as a metal label, signing a commercially viable band who’s last album debuted in the top ten is a nice counterbalance to signing “cred” bands like Kvelertak that won’t debut anywhere near the top ten.

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