Looks like Gallows are headed back to the States! After previous news about the UK hardcore band launching their own record label in the UK in early May,  the band has now signed with Bridge 9 to release their new album in the US early this fall. The band offered the following statement:

We are excited to become a part of Bridge Nine Records. Having been following the releases of [the] label since Chris started it, it’s cool to become a part of that legacy. We plan to be touring the USA a lot on this new record and we’re happy to have found our new American home.

The Gallows went through some difficulties in the recent past, what with them being dropped from major label Reprise, but things seem to be looking up again. The new record will reportedly have eleven tracks, is to be released in September, and it will be their first full-length record featuring new vocalist Wade MacNeil after him joining the band last summer. While Bridge 9 might not be as big a label as Reprise, they go from being a small fish in a big pond to a big fish in a small pond. According to their Twitter, the band plan on touring the states later this year.

If you don’t want to wait until fall when their album comes out, they are offering a free download of one of their new tracks, “Last June,” here. Or just check out the video above.