Vision Of Disorder’s Mike Fleischmann talks the reissue of ‘Still’ and its “inspiration” on new music

Posted by on December 18, 2014

VOD_Still_cover1995; a year that saw Mel Gibson scream “FREEDOM” on movie screens, Hootie and The Blowfish dominate radio and album charts, and OJ Simpson acquitted for murder. That same year, though, a group of five teenagers from Long Island came together to release Still. It was a four-song EP that not only marked Vision Of Disorder’s first official release, but also paved the way towards influencing numerous metal and hardcore bands to come. That’s why it’s shocking to think Still has only been available as an out of print 7’… until now.

To celebrate its upcoming 20th anniversary, VOD teamed up with Dignified Bastard, Inc. to reissue the EP digitally and on limited edition 12’ vinyl records. We briefly chatted with bassist Mike Fleischmann about his fondest memory behind Still, how he feels the band has evolved since recording the EP, and how the reissue has helped inspire VOD while recording their follow up to 2012’s The Cursed Remain Cursed.


What inspired the band to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Still by reissuing it?

Still is the recording that put VOD on the map. It has never been available “legally” for download & you can only find the original 7’ vinyl on eBay. There seems to be a demand for vinyl once again. Kevin Gill (of the Kevin Gill show), who originally put out Still on SFT, approached us about releasing it on his new label Dignified Bastard and we thought it was a great idea.


What’s your fondest memory of recording Still?

Most people don’t know that Still was recorded in producer Tim Gilles’ living room in Jersey. Brendon played the drums in the basement. Tim Gilles is such a character and we really lucked out having him produce this. His energy really pushed us and became part of the magic of that recording. The most reminisced about moment — Mike Kennedy’s guitar neck was feeling a little sticky, so the engineer ran and got him some baby powder. He poured some in Kennedy’s hand and he proceeded to wipe it on the front of his guitar neck all over his strings while the engineer yelled “Noooo!”


While the band disbanded for a brief period of time between 2002 and 2008, how would you say the band today has evolved since recording Still?

We are completely different people now. We all grew up, we have families and responsibilities. Back then there was the band and that was all that mattered. We were a bunch of lunatics in 1995!


I know the band is working on a new album right now. How has going back and working on the Still reissue influence the new material, if at all?

The Still re-issue is really more inspiring than influential in relation to our new stuff. It’s good to revisit the music that got you recognized and remind yourself why you are doing this in the first place.


The band has been teasing that you have a particular producer in mind to work the new album. Has said producer officially signed on? Can you give us a clue as to who said producer is?

Clue: This recording will eat lightning and crap thunder!


If you could travel back to when the band was recording Still, what advice would you give yourself?

Buckle up, things are about to get bumpy! Then I’d tell Matt Baumbach [guitarist] to check his tire pressure so we don’t get a flat on the George Washington Bridge.


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