Paws, Pets & Metal is Metal Insider’s newest column on bands with pets, discovering who watches them on the road, and more. Get to know more about these metal furbabies. We caught up with Electric Mob vocalist Renan Zonta as he revealed his dog is into King Diamond. 


Tell us more about your pet(s) and their names?

I had a lot of pets growing up but never one to call mine. They were all family pets and I never developed a special connection to them. Things have changed 2 years ago, when my girlfriend and I adopted Amora (brazilian portuguese to “Blackberry,” the fruit haha). She’s a Golden-Sammy, the mix between a golden-retriever and a samoyed. Also, she’s the dog version of the sentence “cute but psycho” LOL.



Have you ever taken your pet on tour?

No. She came to us in the beginning of covid so we didn’t tour, but even if I had the opportunity, I wouldn’t. We tour in a very old school underground way so I don’t think it’s a pet friendly environment. At least for now. When we get the super big and comfy tour bus, maybe, haha.


Who looks after your pet while on the road?

Amora is never alone. When I’m out, my girlfriend is with her, and when we go out on a trip or something she goes too. It’s very much like family trips.


What’s your pet’s favorite song or album?

Right now I’m introducing her to King Diamond. Seems like she’s digging Abigail haha!



How did you introduce your pet to metal?

It’s a natural thing cause we’re listening to music all the time. Alexa is a hard worker here, haha. Also, when I’m not listening to music, I’m writing music, so Amora is pretty used to metal screaming by now.


What animal charity means most to you?

All of the trusted ones, but helping isn’t just donate money to charity. Adopt when you can, donate when you can, feed the homeless animals, take them to a vet near you, share on social media to engage people to be the change with you. Every small attitude is a good one.