Heavy alternative project Laylines closed 2022 with the release of a lyric video for their song “Our Glass View,” featuring Cerulean Panda and Andrés. We caught up with the project asking five things they learned about recording music during the pandemic as they went ahead listing the overall five game changers of the pandemic in the music industry. 


The 5 Game Changers of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Music industry:

01) Social media became the new market. For the first time in music in a long time the scene was on an even playing field. All of the big acts that would have otherwise been touring ceased and online marketing became the new medium. This allowed a lot of smaller artists to catch up and is a big reason why we have been able to compete.


02) DIY production/long distance production became the new normal. Now, more than ever, anyone can make higher quality music and you don’t need to travel thousands of miles to get a high level mix. Subsequently, producers are getting much easier to get in touch with.


03) During the quarantine people had more time to practice or learn a new skill. This created a new wider market of remote workers and added more people into the scene and increased the skill sets of the existing members of the scene.


04) Quarantine created more listeners and viewers. With more time on everyone’s hands we had more time to catch up on content that we might have otherwise missed. I think subsequently, music fans have begun to give newer artists more of a chance.


05) Quarantine and the pandemic became the era of content, content, content! You could no longer go out and test your music on an audience or interact in the live setting, so had to put out content frequently to see what stuck. With the market being flooded and oversaturated it’s made artists have to think outside of the box and post more frequently to have a chance to be seen.