Four ways the pandemic affected Seattle rockers Pastel Faces

Posted by on August 11, 2023



Seattle rockers Pastel Faces recently released their new EP, Blossom. While many may feel the pandemic is long behind us, we’re still in the aftermath of how it has impacted us all. We’ve caught up with the group as they revealed four ways the pandemic has affected them, especially when they formed right before COVID hit. 


Starting out

We came together as a band right before COVID hit. We hadn’t played a show yet and we were actually still in the writing stage on our first songs. Lockdown gave us time to really think and craft our initial song to be exactly what we wanted them to be. At that point there wasn’t any pressure, expectations, or deadlines on releasing music and getting out there. We were able to write and plan out a bunch of stuff remotely over Zoom. There was plenty of time to rewrite and rework parts into what we really wanted them to be. These songs would end up being our songs “Dead Weight”, “The Way She Goes”, and “No Requiem.” 


When we first came together as a band we were really two sets of friends that didn’t really know the other set as well as we could have. The pandemic gave us quite a bit of time to really bond and develop deeper friendships with each other. There were many hours playing Fall Guys and Star Wars Battlefront 2, along with writing remotely and just learning the way that we all communicate and developing a steady workflow. 

 Live Shows

Once shows came back people were ready to see live music in Seattle. It didn’t really matter what type of music was playing at a venue there was always something going on. We’re still seeing the boom in town today with shows being more packed than they would have been previously. There are a lot of new faces and that’s a great thing for our scene, as it seemed like pre-pandemic it was a lot of the same people going to shows and not much growth in the scene. 

Staying positive

The biggest affect that COVID had on our band was the amount of time that we had a ton of time, and with that came a lot of time to get discouraged about what we were doing. There were definitely low points in that year but in the end we pushed through and are a tighter group because of it. 




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