Five things The Bronze Age learned recording music during COVID-19 pandemic

Posted by on December 28, 2022


North Carolina alternative rockers The Bronze Age have recently unveiled a video for their latest single, “Let It Burn.” The track marked the group’s first piece of music since their 2021 single “Overdrive.” Metal Insider caught up with the band and asked five things they learned about recording music during the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. 


Stay Focused: It was a really difficult time for a lot of people; we had no idea what was going to happen. We decided we would write songs together the best we could while being tested thoroughly, and staying distance between each other. We’re a band that writes in the room and in the studio so it became difficult at the start to have that stripped away, but being focused on what we had to do was something we handled pretty well I’d say. 


Patience: As a band we’re always on the go. Writing sessions, shows, and just hanging out together as friends. The waiting game of being able to get back out and play shows was something that we knew would take a while. People’s health was a top priority for us so we knew it was going to take some time before it was safe to pack a room again, so patience was a key factor in making it through those times with positivity. 


Time management: We decided to record 3 songs during the pandemic. We took quite a bit of time to write “Mixed Signals” , and “Why do you hate me?” And we just had the intro riff for “Overdrive” when we hit the studio with Nik. Being in that environment with masks on and social distancing was something we had never experienced before, but we got in there, produced and recorded all three and came home, not knowing exactly when we were gonna release these songs, so we learned a lot about managing all of our time in the right ways. 


Using social media: This was definitely a time for social media to be your number one source of interaction. We posted as much as we could about new releases, new merch, and things that were happening in the world at the time. After releasing all three songs, we decided since shows were still in a weird place that we would record our songs live in our drummers home studio and release videos of our performance, which turned into a live EP we would release later. 


Stay connected: One of the biggest things we learned was the importance of staying connected with your friends and family. Being distanced from everyone was really tough, but protecting our family and friends’ health was extremely important. So phone calls and FaceTime was our number one way to stay connected in most cases, and we used it way more than we ever did before. I think we learned so much about ourselves and the band through that experience and it’s absolutely something we will never forget. 



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