Dillinger Escape Plan Guitarist Ben Weiman Talks Garmutt, His New Metal Pet Clothing Company

Posted by on December 11, 2008

Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Benjamin Weiman has a new side project, but it’s not a band. He’s launched a company called Garmutt that makes T-shirts and sweatshirts for dogs, With shirt designs like Black Labbath, Def Shepherd, Linkin Bark, and The Defbones’ White Puppy, Weinman is definitely going after the rock fan that’s also an animal lover. We caught up with Wienman to talk about his new pasttime and found out just how big a fan of pooches he is.

Are there plans for a Dillinger doggie shirt?
I think so. The Dillinger Escape Pug may have to be produced at some point.

How are you able to sell these shirts? Are you concerned about copyright infringement or are you protected under parody?
I am protected under parody law. I am not trying to trick anyone into thinking that this is official merchandise of any of the bands that I am honoring. And none of the designs are actually the same. They are just designed to have the vibe of certain bands. I did check with a lawyer on this however because I didn’t want to risk crossing the legal line. I would hope that maybe Garmutt would inspire bands to make dog merch with their bands on it. I would love to buy that stuff if it was available.

Why just dogs? Don’t other animals need clothes too?
Well I suppose a cat could certainly fit into a smaller one of these shirts. But that may be a conflict of interest for them. Cats and dogs are not suppose to like each other. I think all cat owners need to squash this beef by putting their cat in a Black Labbath shirt hahah!

Are you doing the design work, or just coming up with the puns?
A friend has been doing most of the design work and me and all my friends help with ideas. It’s just fun to sit around come up with funny puns on bands. Everyone usually comes up with something killer.

You credit your dog Blix for inspiring the line. How did that happen? Were you spending your free time dressing him up with designs you made just for yourself?
Blix has been an inspiration more in the way that I just love spending time with him. I love dogs. They are just so cool. Think about it? These things used to be wolves and now they sit on your lap and greet you at the door when you come home. That rules! I also was sick of trying to put a shirt on Blix in the winter and only having a bunch of pink lame shirts to choose from. I just make stuff that I would want to put on my dog I guess.

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