Dave Mustaine: So Far, So Good, So Where’s My Wallet?

Posted by on October 29, 2009

MEGA_25Metal Insider recently got a chance to talk to one of metal’s reigning personalities, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine. While we’ll bring you the full interview tomorrow, our chat began with the always outspoken Mustaine bemusedly questioning humanity after losing his wallet. Consider this a preview of what’s to come tomorrow, where Dave opens up about the “Big 4 Tour” rumors, how Endgame is going to bring back heavy metal, how his body of work ties in with world events, and his sprituality. among other things.

So you just said you were questioning humanity, why is that?

Well, we’re getting ready for our trip to Australia, and I went to go get gas this morning because I had to go get all my supplements, and nutrients, and medicines and clean underwear in case I get run over by a car. So I pull in the gas station, and since I had my yoga class this morning so I have on my shorts with no pockets. So I set my wallet on the back of my Mercedes, fill up the tank, take the nozzle out, stick it into the pump, put the gas cap on, close the lid, grab the receipt, hop in my car, and drive off with the wallet on the back of my car. I get on the freeway and I drive to my next appointment and I realize that I don’t have my wallet. Now talk about that feeling like someone just clogged your toilet. I was so pissed. So, I’m in a doctor’s office and this little tiny sign, the size of a piece of confetti, usually when I go in there it says “don’t use your cell phone,” it has now grown into like a drive in theater type screen size board saying “no cell phones in here.” And I’m trying to very secretly make phone calls and conduct business.

So I get out of the doctor’s appointment and this guy from a clinic that I go to calls up and tells me somebody has my wallet. So I called the guy, and he tells me to meet him at a Subway. I was going to say ‘just take the money out of it man, keep it for yourself as a reward because there’s no honest people in the world anymore.’ And then I’m thinking what happens if he found it and there was nothing in it? So I talk to the guy on the phone and he says “yea man all your credit cards, and everything’s all in here, your license and everything. So I drive up and I see him and this guys dressed like a pimp. I looked at him and thought ‘your money’s gone Dave.’ So I open up the wallet. Not only is the money gone, and I always keep several hundred dollars on me just in case of an emergency, but all my receipts were gone, and I’m good when it comes down to keeping track of my finances. I keep my receipts and shit. That’s why I’ve been able to stay successful in this business because I’m not a dumb ass rock star. So I open up the wallet. Receipts gone, moneys gone, one of my American Express platinum cards is gone, and my Screen Actors Guild card is gone. Three of my Amex cards are still there, my Visa cards there, my license is there. He took one American Express card and my SAG card, and I thought well the American Express card is a no-brainer, either I lost that one too or he took it. But the SAG card that is obvious that the guy took it so he could go up see some girl and go “hey ladies want to see my SAG card, I’m an actor. I’m acting like I’m an actor right now.

And promise girls he can get them roles in movies 

Here’s what’s making me question humanity. Everything was going fine. I was trying to get out of there and I said ‘let me go get you some cash for a reward.’ And he goes “Well, do you just have a bag?” And I went ‘a bag of what?’ and he says “A bag of pot.” And I said ‘Not on me. What do I look like, Tony Montana?’ I’m starting to stutter with the guy because I didn’t know what to say. I felt like saying ‘you took my fucking money, now you want me to go get you some pot? And you got my fucking SAG card too.’ So here’s where it gets weird. He goes “you might want to go look by the freeway, there’s a duck pond over there. You might want to go look over there because you know when you got on the freeway, that might be where your stuffs at. And I’m like “fuck.” And then I go drive along the freeway looking for a duck pond to see where my missing credit card and SAG card is. 

That sounds really sketchy. 

And then he gives me his business card. Not only do I suspect he took my money, he took my credit card, he took my SAG card, took my receipts, but he’s dumb enough to tell me where he did it, and then give me his card. So I’m just thinking how can you be half decent? That’s my question today. Can you be half decent? Does half decent count?

What’s cool is that you still have your license, you still have ID, it could have been way worse. 

Yea, and I think he knew who I was. I think that’s part of the reason why. “Man, you’re in Megadeth. I’ve been listening to Megadeth ever since I was twelve.” So I ask him how old he is, and he says “62.”

Check back with Metal Insider tomorrow for the rest of Mustaine’s interview.

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