Corey Taylor Fine With Rick Rubin Producing… Black Sabbath

Posted by on December 16, 2011

Remember that time when Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor talked about what a joy it was to work with Rick Rubin? Oh wait, no he didn’t do that. In fact, he went on a rant at one of his solo shows recently about  how little Rubin actually did during the sessions for Volume 3 (The Subliminal Verses). According to Taylor, he saw Rubin for a total of about three hours and ultimately labeled him overrated, overpaid, and said he’d never work with him again. Well, apparently, that only applies to him and Slipknot.

Loudwire recently asked Taylor his thoughts on the new Black Sabbath album, which will be produced by Rubin and come out sometime next year. Instead of trashing the producer, Taylor had an about-face. “This is one of those instances I actually think Rick Rubin is perfect for,” he told them. “He gets out of the way and will let them get down to it. I can only hope they record it in the right way. I can only hope they get to do something righteous and not just something to make a buck. I think with Geezer and Tony pushing it forward, and, obviously, Bill and Ozzy, I think it will be fantastic. I am looking forward to riff fest!”

This could be Taylor’s way of apologizing, since the initial remarks were recorded during a Q&A at one of his shows and weren’t necessarily meant to be disseminated to the media. Or maybe he thinks that Rubin’s production style will complement what Sabbath is doing. Either way, he’s not alone in looking forward to a new album from Black Sabbath.

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