Dave Mustaine Plans Megadeth-Branded Online Radio

Posted by on July 13, 2009

megamanDave Mustaine has announced “his” radio station, dubbed Megaman Radio, with a to be announced launch date:

I am excited to tell you that we are starting a new thing here at Megadeth.com . . . it’s Megaman radio! Er, well, not exactly Megaman radio, more like Megaman has his own radio show and you can soon listen to it!!

My first goal is to get 100,000 listeners a week, and I am going to do stuff that the other guys won’t, and that is go into a studio and take your live calls on air and they will be repeated whenever the program repeats itself. I am also going to find rare stuff to play for you, and old interviews of mine as well. I even think I am going to be able to get Shawn Drover [MEGADETH drummer] to come on once in a while and give me the full-on thrash report. However, what I really want to do besides take you on a fantastic musical journey, is I want to talk to you, so much that we have to tape a new show each week. Got it? Good! We can do stuff like ask guitar questions, talk about music I like, what makes my excited about recording or touring, and anything or everything that comes to your minds. And I am sure play tracks off of ‘Endgame’, our new metal offering.

The beauty is that I love to talk to you, and I think people will greatly enjoy hearing from us on my new radio show. Remember, this is not talk radio, so there is going to be music, and more music, until you have heard every song that I dig, that made me the player I am, or maybe the music I listen in the bedroom; who knows! But we are going to be doing it.

As far as we know, this would be the first podcast/online radio show hosted by a major metal figurehead. Details are scarce on this for now, we’ll bring you more as this develops.

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