snowman_mediumSo we won’t mention the sh- (shopping) word just yet, but before you know it, holiday gift-buying season will be just around the corner. Since we have our readers’ best interests in mind, we are offering an alternative to packed stores and long lines and waiting to buy that gift you are not sure that anyone on your list will like or even claim they own. Behold Shredders Knit Apparel. While last year’s Slayer sweater brought pandemonium without anyone actually being able to buy or own the thing because it sold out so quickly, with this year’s Metallica sweater possibly set to do the same thing, this outlet displays lots of options for the most dysfunctional people in your life and then some. Check out everything from Wu-Tang Clan to Motorhead to death metal options in your favorite ugly sweater designs here.  We’re impartial to the adorable grim Norwegian snowman that just burned a church, but you can check out a few more below.

[thanks James B.]