California is hot, dry and sunny which means many people either decide to go out and enjoy the weather or remain indoors writing music or rehearsing with their bands. That automatically implies that there are a large amount of quality metal bands at every corner of the state and, with the immense time it will take to list them all, we decided to ask one of those amazing bands to give us their favorite bands from the state. We asked guitarist and frontman Cody Schneiders from sludge metal outfit Wovoka about his favorite California bands.


body void

Body Void – San Francisco, CA

I think many people would agree that we’re at the point where more and more doom bands are just worshiping riffs from other doom bands; and, at least as I see it, the bands that bring something fresh to the genre are few and far between. Formally known as Devoid, Body Void’s newest release, Ruins, is FRESH. Depraved doom meets raw punk with (dare-I-say) a few sparse moments of inspiration from early 90’s guitar-driven noise rock. This combination of influences is, of course, something that’s been tackled before; but there’s something about the execution on this record that is very refreshing.

For fans of Burning Witch, Indian, etc…

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bodyvoid

Bandcamp: https://bodyvoid.bandcamp.com/



Galena – Long Beach, CA

Monstrous and savage blackened doom/crust/sludge/psychedelic – I can go on and on with the ‘sub-genrefying’ for Galena. The best part about this record is how diverse every song is. There isn’t a single moment that feels recycled – a rarity for the era of heavy music that we’re currently in. Very excited to see what this band does with future releases.

For fans of Amebix, Dark Castle, etc…

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Galena562

Bandcamp: https://galena562.bandcamp.com/releases


misery ritual

Misery Ritual – Corona, CA

Misery Ritual is a solo harsh noise project from Kyle Ferguson (of the now defunct Skinslip – they were the hardest and grimiest of hard and grimy). He puts on one of the most intense and unique performances of any active musician in the Los Angeles area right now. Think of the most bleak and visceral moment you’ve ever had – this is the soundtrack to that moment. Sheer hate-driven pain-therapy.

For fans of Deathpile, Merzbow, etc.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/miseryritual

Bandcamp: https://miseryritual.bandcamp.com/