21) Like A Storm, Awaken the Fire (2015)

Pure strength and power in this album. Every song just pumps you tf up. The Brooks brothers and Zach perform the songs so well live. You can’t help but love them. 







22) Slipknot, 5: The Gray Chapter (2014)

I chose this Slipknot album because I feel it showcases Corey’s voice exceptionally well, and he has quite the exceptional voice. 








23) Nothing More, The Stories We Tell (2017)

These guys came out of nowhere and blew me away on Shiprocked and I’ve been hooked on their intense energy ever since. 








24) The Fame Riot, Heart Stray EP (2017)

Friends and former labelmates, Liz and Shazam have created such fun party songs with an edge of Prince that is completely addicting. 








25) Davey Suicide, Made From Fire (2017)

Touring for two years with this guy may have biased me here, but you can’t deny that every song is killer and Davey works his butt off to bring them to fans all over the world. 








26) DK-Zero, From Nothing (2018)

New friends to me and two of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. Derek and Kato make this industrial rock music with elements of Manson, Zombie, NIN and more but with insane and hilarious but relatable and often quite meaningful lyrics. 







27) Gemini Syndrome, Memento Mori (2016)

If I’m being honest, the message of this album helped me through a pretty rough time. I have much love and respect for AP, Brian and Aaron.








28) Taylor Swift, Speak Now (2010)

Ok first, it’s Tay-Tay. Second, the songs are so catchy that you know you’ve sung

a few of them in your life. Third, I just freaking love it.






29) Sick Puppies, Fury 

I have listened to this album front to back dozens of times and every single song is perfect. Brian, Emma and Mark are such good people and they created a masterpiece. Do yourself a favor and listen to this.






Check out Stitched Up Heart’s new music video for “Warrior” below: