11) Inception Soundtrack (2010)

Probably the most influential album I have heard in my life. Everything from the orchestration and use of electronics is great.







12) Amaranthe, The Nexus (2013)

The production for that album became the bar for everything I write.








13) In This Moment, Blood (2012)

The use of guitars in that album really opened up a new world of possibilities.








14) Fleshgod Apocalypse, Agony (2011)

I have never heard symphonic death metal that fucking fast.








15) Soundtrack for Doom (2016)

The use of sound design and guitars is sonically insane!








16) Bring Me The Horizon, Sempiternal (2013)

The groove of the guitars and use of electronics have been very influential in my writing process. 








17) Game of Thrones Soundtrack

Everything from the development of themes, the use of instrumentation for storytelling and the orchestration that Ramin Djawadi uses is absolutely fantastic. Very influential on many levels.







18) Dunkirk Soundtrack (2017)

The use of the Shepard Tone effect in the orchestra creating unresolved tension was masterfully done. 








19) Lacey Sturm, Life Screams (2016)

This album was engineered by my former bandmate, Evan Rodaniche. Throughout our tour together, I got to know Lacey, Josh, Ben and Tom. We talked about the songs and their meanings, and the general message and spirit of self love and strength really spoke to me.







20) Starset, Vessels (2017)

There’s such a unique feel to these songs. They transport you to a fantastical mindset where you can contemplate the universe.