Is This The Most Metal Thing To Ever Happen At Bader Field?

Posted by on February 7, 2012


Sure, Atlantic City’s Bader Field might be playing host to Metallica’s forthcoming Orion Music + More festival, but it was once an actual airport. And while there are already some people wondering what the hell a Modest Mouse is, we think that for $75 a day, seeing the likes of The Sword, Avenged Sevenfold and Liturgy (btw, huh?) along with Metallica is a solid deal, with likely more metal acts joining the rest of the announced bands. But that kind of pales in comparison to a plane crash, eh? This 2005 video shows a passenger plane overshooting the runway and landing in the water. While everyone appears to have been rescued, the pilot neglected to shut the plane off, so it essentially tries to take off again and almost explodes. It turns out the pilot tried to land at the wrong airport. Fail. Go to about 4:10 to watch the action happen. While embedding is disabled, watch it all go down on YouTube.

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