How Hard Is It To Play Keyboards For Winds Of Plague?

Posted by on November 23, 2009

l_4270e82775e041cebb809506434afe17Hey guys, Winds of Plague has a new keyboard player! No, this isn’t some kind of Groundhog’s Day shit – this is the third one they’ve had in two months. Lisa Marx, who’s been the band’s keyboardist since way back in October, was apparently not able to learn the songs in time for the band’s tour, according the rumor mill and Lambgoat. Alana Potocnik, formerly of The Breathing Process and Abigail Williams, has replaced Marx.

In fact, Potocnik has something in common with Kristen Randall, who left the band in October. They both logged some time in Abigail Williams, a band that’s had three keyboardists in its four years of existence. But that’s nothing. According to Wikipedia (which is always right), Potocnik is the band’s sixth keyboardist Winds of Plague has had. What is it about Winds of Plague that makes keyboard players leave? The revolving door of keyboardists is a little ridiculousm and there’s got to be a good reason, other than the songs being too complex. Congratulations to Alana Potocnik, though. Hopefully she’ll last longer than a month, but we wouldn’t get too comfortable with the slot if we were her.

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