Kristen Randall Leaves Winds Of Plague

Posted by on October 14, 2009

randallThe eye candy factor of Winds of Plague just decreased dramatically, as occasionally topless keyboardist Kristen Randall has exited the band.

“I have decided to leave my current position as keyboardist with Winds of Plague and I’d like to personally thank each member of the band, as well as all of our fans. These experiences we shared have been such a huge part of my life the past couple years and I will cherish that forever.  I wish the band the best of luck in their future endeavors.  As for myself, music is my deepest passion and I look forward to working with musicians who have the same work ethic and honorable disposition.”

That doesn’t mean she’ll be disappearing from the public eye, however. The heavily-inked Randall will be featured in an upcoming episode of Kat Von D’s hit TLC show LA Ink that will air in February 2010. You can also catch her on an upcoming cover of Rebel Ink and a spread in Inked Magazine. While I’m not the biggest Winds of Plague fan, her influence was all over their sophomore album, which definitely had a lot more keyboard presence.

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