Today In Metal Injuries: Pentagram And Suicide Silence

Posted by on August 30, 2012

Take a good look at the picture to the right. What is it? Color-corrected radar of Hurricane Isaac wreaking havoc on Louisiana? A closeup of a wolf wounded by a shotgun? The worst old person porn ever? Nope, it’s actually a picture of Pentagram frontman Bobby Liebling’s skull after suffering a bicycle injury. Liebling apparently needed 12 staples from his injury. According to Blabbermouth, he was running errands for his wife on a bicycle when he hit a stick that was covered up in loose sand. It threw him into the road, where his bicycle landed on top of him.

Apparently, Liebling’s injury wasn’t enough to make him pull out of the Power of the Riff – East festival, taking place on Saturday in Brooklyn at Warsaw. I’m sure cash is king, and the band would probably have lost out in by not headlining the fest, where they’ll be playing Relentless in it’s entirety.

The crazy thing is that the above picture isn’t even the most disgusting metal injury that occurred recently. Suicide Silence frontman Mitch Lucker is recuperating from a broken elbow. While details are scarce on how it happened, the singer posted a graphic picture of his elbow – with the bone sticking through – on his Instagram account and the band’s Facebook page. It’s pretty fucking gross, so we’ll post it after the jump. Much like Liebling, Lucker opted to play the band’s show later that night. What a trooper. 

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