Jason Newsted sidelined by walking pneumonia

Posted by on July 22, 2013

gigantour newstedIf you’re catching the Gigantour shows in Canada this week and were looking forward to seeing Newsted for the first time, we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but Jason Newsted has taken ill, and the band have been forced to cancel their shows there. Here’s what Jason himself had to say about pulling out, via his Facebook page:

“Hey friends…I’d been feeling a bit under the weather while performing the most recent Gigantour shows so I went to the Dr. on my day off today & I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia!!! So under doctor’s orders, I’m taking a week to rebuild…my apologies to our Canadian brothers & sisters in regions where we will not be appearing this week. I’m gonna work on keeping me alive so together we can keep the metal alive!!!! Cheers to all!! Jason“

Walking pneumonia doesn’t sound fun at all. Hopefully he’s resting up, and won’t have to miss any more shows than initially thought. Newsted’s debut solo album, Heavy Metal Music, will be released on August 6.


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