Burger King’s black metal burger is coming to the States!

Posted by on September 24, 2015

burgerkingblackmetalWe were pretty jealous of Japan last year when we heard that Burger King was making a black burger, which is the most metal of all fast food offerings ever. Like harajuku girls and vending machines for women’s panties, Japan has some really weird trends, but BK’s “Kuro Burger” took the (burger-shaped) cake. Featuring black buns and even black cheese colored by bamboo charcoal, it looked like something we would definitely try at least once – if we weren’t in America. Now it turns out we’ll get our chance!

Metal Injection (via Burger Lad) has reported that that for Halloween, the King will be rolling out the “HA.1.LOWEEN WHOPPER” in America. While the cheese looks boringly orange, there will be a black bun with sesame seeds on it. The blog describes it as consisting of a “Whopper Patty, Cheese Slices, pickles, A.1. Steak Sauce, Onion Slices, Tomato Slices, Lettuce and Mayonnaise,” which is where the A1 comes in, we guess. Of less interest to us, there’s apparently also a Smoky Bacon Tendercrisp and a pumpkin spice Oreo shake for Halloween as well. Pretty metal as far as we’re concerned (except for the pumpkin spice part). In fact, the Whoppers are metal enough to buy and use as an accessory for your “Burger King Diamond” costume.


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