More Regarding Mudvayne’s Ambitious Artwork & Promotion

Posted by on December 23, 2009

mudvayne2-300x200While we all know it’s fun to be an asshole when blogging, Metal Insider does try to follow two rules: we’ll always admit when we’re wrong, and we can’t fault artists and the people who work for them for trying.

Epic’s Jason Lekberg sent us a note on Monday morning in response to this post about the marketing behind Mudvayne’s self-titled release (which is in stores now).

Lekberg enlightened us that since the Mudvayne artwork is made by applying one pass of one color (the blacklight reactive ink in question) to a simple white sheet, it’s less expensive than the standard four-color, multiple-pass process.

As for the three-video plan, I did fail to acknowledge filming three clips at once is much, much more cost-effective than doing separate shoots (which is why films like Pirates Of The Carribean shoot their sequels together despite being released over a year apart from eachother).

To be clear to any misguided readers, I never intended to question Mudvayne’s merit or past success in my previous post. My evaluation simply comes from an extremely conservative business perspective. I certainly must give Epic credit for having enough faith in their artists to give them all the support possible. And sometimes, when blessed with passionate employees like Lekberg, that works out: he reminded me that every Mudvayne album has been profitable for the label, including last year’s The New Game, released in a less-than-pleasant business climate.

Also, I’ll proudly add that I own every Mudvayne release since LD 50 and have seen them live at least a few dozen times (Not kidding – I went to almost every one of the Slipknot/Mudvayne shows throughout the Northeast nearly a decade ago).

The first of the three aforementioned films has been released, and you should check out the striking, synergistically blacklight-themed clip for “Scream With Me” below.

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