Mudvayne “Fucking” Determined To Waste All Of Their Marketing Budget

Posted by on December 15, 2009

mudvayne2-300x200Mudvayne won’t stop at spending a ton of money on (probably) extremely expensive blacklight packaging, now they’ll be shooting not one but three music videos for songs off their upcoming self-titled album.

The band will be working with director Frankie Nasso to film three conceptually linked videos for the tracks “Scream With Me“, “Beautiful And Strange” and “Heard It All Before”.

So what? Obviously this record will sell enough right off the bat to assume it will produce three singles. And expensive music videos are still totally a great idea. And we’ve heard the band doesn’t plan to tour extensively in 2010 to support the record (Chad and Greg will be working on a new HELLYEAH! album). So that’s good.

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