The Black Dahlia Murder to headline GWAR’s B4BQ

Posted by on June 13, 2014

gwar-b-qIt’s obvious by now that despite the sad and needless death of GWAR frontman Dave Brockie that the band will be forging on without him. While it was announced that some incarnation of the band would be performing at the annual GWAR B-Q, we now know more about it. In addition to the day before the festivities, August 15th, being a public memorial for Oderus Urungus/Dave Brockie, it’s also been deemed the B4BQ, with a full-on show taking place. As soon as the memorial ends at 7pm, doors will open at the Richmond venue The Broadberry with The Black Dahlia Murder headlining. Other bands playing include Mobile Death Camp, Gritter, Venomous Maximus and The Attack. If you’ve already picked up premium tickets for the following day’s festivities, the B4BQ is free. Otherwise, you can pick up tickets for it here. And then there’s the GWAR B-Q itself, which promises a lot of return characters from the band’s heyday. From the band’s Facebook page:

The 5th Annual GWAR B-Q is such a can’t-miss event that some of the most recognizable characters in GWAR’s long and glorious history will be on hand to soak up adulation and wreak destruction. Beware all who enter, as the fiery goddess Slymenstra Hymen is still on the rag. Sexecutioner will use his patented, perverted brand of punishment on any woman, man or dead dog who crosses him. And the crack supplier whose hair couldn’t get any higher, GWAR manager Sleazy P. Martini will be around to suck up every penny not glued down. They will join another familiar face – the longest-tenured Beefcake the Mighty, Mike Bishop – who will serve as GWAR’s primary mouthpiece. 

The weekend promises to be a memorable one, if maybe a little bit of an emotional one. I guess we’ll find out what the future (and past) of GWAR will be like, as it will be their first public performance since the untimely passing of Brockie.

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