Soundwave Festival Marred By Flare Disfigurement, Fire

Posted by on February 25, 2013

Sydney’s Soundwave 2013 festival was marred by fire this past weekend, as at least one concertgoer smuggled magnesium flares into the festival. One was set off during Bring me the Horizon’s set, causing a girl to get severely burned. Aside from that, another flare was lit during during the set, igniting a fire on one of the stages. There were also flares lit while Metallica played.

Promoter AJ Maddah immediately took to Twitter to call out the person that lit the flares, stating “If anyone can correctly identify this son of a bitch I will shower you with so much tickets, backstage and cash you won’t know what to do.” It didn’t take long for photos of the douchebag in question to pop up. While I wouldn’t normally call someone a douchebag unless it was proven, this guy a) clearly is lighting a flare and b) is wearing a sailor cap, proving him instantly douchey. According to Musicfeeds, the suspect’s name and address is known to police, so he’ll likely be in custody soon. You can see video footage of the stage fire after the jump.


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