If there’s one thing that last year’s Orion Music and More Fest proved, it was to expect surprises. Last year, that equated to Metallica popping up all over the place to introduce bands, and their bassist Rob Trujillo joining his former band Suicidal Tendencies onstage. This year promises something as well, and that something is Dehaan.

“Don’t miss Dehaan,” a post on James Hetfield’s Instagram account says. Along with a few other hashtags  ( #MUYA #MFF), Hetfield says. #IfUdoUmightKillEmAll” #winkwing #getit. So who is this band, who are slated to play today at 4:30? Well, a Google search on the band doesn’t uncover anything. However, Metallica’s forthcoming 3D movieThrough the Never, stars Dane Dehaan as a Metallica crew member. So it can be assumed that either Metallica is letting an actor’s vanity project play their first gig at a major festival (unlikely), Metallica is going to play both days (that would be rad), or Orion attendees are going to get a firsthand look at the new film before anyone else (seems like a given). Who knows? Guess we’ll all find out soon.

UPDATE: “Dehaan” turned out to be a surprise set from Metallica on the Damage Inc. set. Check out photos from the surprise set right here!