Have Eyehategod Been Banned By Scion A/V?

Posted by on April 13, 2012

This much is indisputable: over the past five years or so, Scion A/V has been one of the biggest supporters of underground metal. Any major corporation that’s held festivals and label showcases, and put out free music by extreme bands is ok in our book. That’s why we’re a little surprised to hear Eyehategod’s accusation that they have been banned by the car company’s imprint.

“‎!! EYEHATEGOD officially BANNED by SCION !!,” the Nola sludge metal group said in a posting on their Facebook page earlier today. As of now, that is literally all we know. Eyehategod have yet to reveal more details, and Scion A/V likely won’t respond either. Perhaps they’re heading off the potential shit storm that could be incurred if someone from the religious right did some digging and accused Scion’s parent company Toyota of backing a band called “I Hate God.” That makes a modicum of sense. Regardless of the reasoning, we’re still supporters of both Eyehategod and Scion.

Meanwhile, it would appear that we at least know where this year’s Scion Rock Fest. Thanks to a photo posted by Scion A/V Metal, it’s being “hinted” (but essentially confirmed) that Scion Rock Fest 2012 will take place at the Ritz Theatre in Tampa, FL. Lambgoat have also discovered that an undisclosed event has already been booked at the venue on June 2, hinting at the festivals date. An officially announcement will likely be made soon (or at least a month prior to the festival). However, it’s safe to say we know at least one band that will not be performing at the festival.

UPDATE: When reached for comment, Scion A/V had the following to say:

“Scion A/V has a long history of supporting the metal genre. There are thousands of bands in the world and it’s just not possible to work with them all. We’re excited about our upcoming projects including this year’s Rock Fest in Tampa, Florida on June 2, 2012 and will be announcing the full line up soon.”

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