Were you looking forward to attending The Bamboozle festival next year? Well not so fast, because it’s been announced that the New Jersey music festival will not be returning in 2013.

The festival revealed the news via the following Facebook post:

“Happy holidaze Boozlers! We are sad to announce we will miss all of you in 2013 but keep your eyes peeled for 2014 info. Have a warm and safe holiday season!”

This past year marked The Bamboozle’s 10th anniversary and return to Asbury Park, NJ. However, organizers previously announced that the festival would not return to Asbury Park. In fact, it was even revealed that despite selling over 90,000 tickets, last year’s edition failed to make a profit.

Initially catering to the pop punk demographic, The Bamboozle evolved over the years to include all sorts of genres (including a handful of metal and heavier acts). And last year’s lineup (with headliners that likely cost a pretty penny to book) was proof of that. Hell, try naming another festival where you saw Bon Jovi, Periphery and Andrew Dice Clay on the same bill. As optimistic as they seem, we’ll have to wait and see if The Bamboozle will be able to return in 2014 (or if this is indeed the end for the festival).