timbalandIt’s been a minute since we’ve seen someone famous try to co-opt punk culture. A few years ago, it was Chris Brown wearing a Noel Austin-designed jacket with Municipal Waste, Cro-Mags and Suicidal Tendencies patches on it. Kanye West also wore Metal Church-inspired sweatpants, and Rihanna has worn a Krokus shirt/dress last year.

Why are we bringing this up? Well, last night hip-hop producer Timbaland appearaed on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah to promote his autobiography, The Emperor of Sound. That’s all good and nice, but Metal Injection points out that when he did so, he was wearing a leather jacket that very may well have been designed by Noah, although we can’t say for sure. The jacket has a painted Dead Kennedys back, with Subhumans, Misfits, Crass and more represented as well. Sure, we know Timbaland has dabbled in rock before, having produced Chris Cornell’s much-maligned Scream album, but we think he’d be hard-pressed to name even a single Misfits song. Maybe we’re underestimating him, though.