While we know that metal wasn’t particularly well represented at the Grammy awards this year, Dave Grohl and Ryan Adams found a way to represent the genre by their fashion choices. And while it might not have been a birthday suit or a baseball outfit, both of them wore denim and shirts from metal bands that it’s safe to say will never be nominated for a Grammy.

Ryan Adams, whose album was nominated for Best Rock Album, is probably best-known for having been married to pop singer Mandy Moore. In fact, that’s pretty much the only way People Magazine referred to him. And while Adams’ rootsy rock garnered him a Grammy nomination, he’s been known to play metal songs in his own style, covering Iron Maiden and Danzig in the past. In fact, he covered Dio before it was the thing to do. But on the red carpet, he went even deeper, wearing an Emperor shirt. The design he was wearing was an alternate cover of their first album, Wrath of the Tyrant.

Not to be outdone, Grohl got even more obscure, wearing a shirt for New York-based band Children. Grohl is wearing a shirt for the band’s EP Death Tribe, one of only 200 shirts made, according to Aux.tv. The site spoke to the  band’s Jonny “Rad” Ollsin, who said “My old drummer Adam actually texted me last night and said, ‘Grohl’s wearing the Children t-shirt at the Grammys tonight. Someone had seen it on the east coast (broadcast) and texted him.”

So while the Grammys might continue to be tone deaf about who they give the awards out to, at least some acts are giving props to underground and obscure metal from the inside.

photos: Jordan Strauss/AP; Jeff Vespa/Wireimage