Online Petition To Get Mina Caputo Mina Caputo In Revolver’s ‘Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock’ Launches

Posted by on April 12, 2012

In addition to giving Korn the “Album Of The Year” (twice), Revolver Magazine has long been under fire for their ‘Hottest Chicks in Metal/Hard Rock’ issue. That’s why Metal Sucks contributor Gary Suarez has launched an online petition to nominate Mina Caputo (formerly known as Life Of Agony singer Keith Caputo) for Revolver’s next “Hottest Chicks” edition.

Suarez gave the following reasoning via the petition’s web page as to why the transgender singer should be nominated for the issue:

“An icon in the metal and hardcore scenes, Mina (nee Keith) Caputo fronted the legendary Life Of Agony. From the modern classic River Runs Red through the 2005 reunion record Broken Valley, the band left a lasting impression and has influenced more bands than we can even imagine.

After performing for more than twenty years as a man, Caputo came out as transsexual, and announced a transition from male to female. She also and began referring to herself with female pronouns. Immediately following, there were mixed feelings from both fans and friends alike, but nonetheless an overwhelming amount of support.

We, the undersigned, feel that one way the metal scene can further show its support for Caputo is to have her featured in Revolver Magazine’s Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock. While the feature been subject to criticism as promoting sexism and exploitation of women, Revolver’s editor-in-chief Brandon Geist and other defenders have countered that the feature is meant to empower and celebrate women. Including Caputo here would make a significant step towards mending that rift by recognizing that a transgendered musician in this scene is worthy of such celebration and empowerment.”

We could not agree more with Suarez. We can only imagine how difficult of a transition it has been for Caputo, and we’re extremely pleased that the singer has grown to feel more comfortable expressing herself publicly. That’s why we’re gladly signing this petition to get Caputo featured in Revolver’s ‘Hottest Chicks’ issue. If you agree, then sign for yourself now.

[picture via Jeremy Saffer]

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