Steve Tucker took to Facebook to clear up Morbid Angel confusion, but just creates more

Posted by on June 18, 2015

Well this has certainly been an interesting week for Morbid Angel fans. So let’s recap and lay down what we know… kind of.

  1. There is a new Morbid Angel album coming, eventually.
  2. Current vocalist David Vincent, or maybe former (I don’t even know), has not left or been fired.
  3. Steve Tucker, former vocalist, will be collaborating with Trey Azagthoth on Morbid Angel material.
  4. Tim Yeung has left the band for “financial reasons.”

Now this is the part where it gets confusing, because right now we have two claims to the vocal throne. Guitarist and founding member Trey Azagthoth stated that Steve Tucker would be working together again for the next Morbid Angel album:

“I’m excited to announce that Steve Tucker and I are working together again for Morbid Angel and the next record will certainly be an amazingly sick World Beater!”

To this David responded that he was not leaving and has not been asked to:

“I am aware of Trey Azagthoth’s announcement of a collaboration with Steve Tucker on new music. However, the inference that I have left MORBID ANGEL is incorrect. To be clear, I have not left MORBID ANGEL nor have I been asked to do so.”

Yesterday Tucker took to Facebook confirm this and clear up some of the confusion, confirming that he has no clue what is going on with David [Vincent] and that they will not both be in Morbid Angel. He may be laughing about the matter, but the fans have been left confused and torn between the two vocalists.

“Here are a few answers to questions that I keep getting asked …
What’s up with David? I don’t have a fucking clue , and I don’t think that I am the only one .
Is Pete Sandoval coming back ?
I fucking wish that would happen !!!
Will there be both myself and David in MA ?
Sorry man I play death metal , so, NO.
Who will play second guitar?
Time will answer that one…

And last but not least, will Warfather continue?
Absolutely ! We track the new album in 3 weeks at mana studios , with my brother Erik Rutan producing !


Here are a few answers to questions that I keep getting asked …What’s up with David? I don’t have a fucking clue ,…

Posted by Steven Tucker on Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Maybe Tucker is just collaborating on writing and David is still in, maybe David isn’t in the band anymore but wasn’t told, or maybe Morbid Angel is just pulling a Queensryche and splitting off into two entities. Regardless of the possibilities, the only thing that we know right now is that we don’t exactly know what’s going on. Rest assured that when we do find out we’ll let you know!

Until then, my spirit animal is Stephen Colbert eating popcorn.



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