Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl inadvertently calls out grieving crying man

Posted by on August 19, 2015

Dave Grohl is a man of the people and a rockstar in the proper sense of the word, but even a man at the highest peak falls down from time to time and we’re not talking about literally falling down but just coming off a bit uncool.

Grohl is known for calling out people from the audience who try to ruin the experience of others like he did here, and having that connection with his fans also gives him the chance to be a little more playful when doing so, except that last time it happened, it kind of backfired making him look like jerk.

Foo Fighters performed in Colorado this past Sunday, when Grohl noticed a crying man while they were playing “Hero” and, probably assuming the man was drunk or emotional about the song, he decided to call him out in a non-malicious way, “Don’t cry, motherfucker…Are you crying right now? You’re fucking crying, aren’t you,” then he invited the man to get on stage to sing with him for a moment and then send him his way by saying “get the fuck off my stage, motherfucker.”

The situation gets a bit awkward after the sad man, named Anthony,  called a Colorado radio station KBCO to explain that he wasn’t drunk or crying over the song itself but he was grieving over the death of his mother, who he just buried not that long ago:

Explaining how he was feeling at the gig, Anthony said: “My mum died about six months ago and I just got back from Europe putting her in her crypt. “He (Grohl) started singing it and I felt all emo.”

Unafraid to admit he was crying, Anthony was however keen to establish the fact that he was not drunk on the night; though he may have been stoned. “I was dead sober,” he said. “I don’t drink. I might have had a little Colorado green but I’m not a drinker.”

“I was crying, I’m not afraid to cry,” Anthony added. “I started getting all teared up. I was trying to hide from him.”

I’m sure Grohl wasn’t trying to be an ass towards the guy and it just happens that this guy had a genuine reason to be sensitive instead of just being that drunk guy who cries at every Celine Dion concert. This just shows that, no matter how likely your assumptions are, they can still be just that, an assumptions.

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