Twitter might be buying SoundCloud [Update: or not]

Posted by on May 20, 2014



So what’s next for Twitter apart from having people freaking out over what t-shirts pop stars wear? Apparently, it could be making another attempt at incorporating music as the company is reportedly considering acquiring SoundCloud. Twitter previously tried making a move into music last year with the Twitter Music app but, frankly, no one really gave a shit and so Twitter put the kibosh on it. SoundCloud is currently valued at a hefty $700 million, which would make the purchase Twitter’s largest should the deal take place.

It’s still not certain that this deal will take place and neither of the companies have commented on it, but it has been noted that SoundCloud could end up striking deals with big music labels (which it definitely wants) if it were acquired by Twitter. Plus, Twitter has been trying to branch out more since going public, and this could be what they’re looking for.

[Update: According to the Wall Street Journal, Twitter has backed out of the talks, saying that “the numbers didn’t add up.”]


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