At the beginning of this month, Relapse Records formed a new partnership with digital label Moshpit Tragedy to let people choose their own price on certain new releases. For the next 24 weeks, Relapse Records will offer one new title from their catalog a week for a price of your own choosing (starting at $2.99) over at Moshpit Tragedy’s website. The first selection came last week from  Scott Hull’s grindcore compilation This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 1, while this week’s title is the second volume of the collection. This “sliding-payment download series” will also include titles from Jucifer, Buzzoven, Deceased, Leng Tch’e, Bongzilla and Hemdale.

With so much happening with digital media right now, and the best product bloggers, it’s pretty cool to see a metal label utilizing it in some fashion. Now obviously you’re not going to see any titles from their larger bands like Kingdom Of Sorrow or Death offered in this deal. However, for the bands that are just breaking out or have a smaller core of fans, this is a cool way to expose them to a larger audience. Whether Relapse will continue this offer after its initial 24 weeks is unclear but also unlikely.