AC/DC’s Entire Catalog Now Available On iTunes

Posted by on November 19, 2012

AC/DC was one of the remaining major acts to hold out from distributing music through iTunes. Well that changed this morning, as the Australian rock legends’ entire catalog is now available via Apple’s juggernaut music store.

In addition to individual records, iTunes is now offering the “Complete Set” of AC/DC for $149.99, as well as the “Studio Collection” for $99.99, ringtones, and the group’s new live album Live At River Plate. Other than a generic post on Facebook, no specific member of AC/DC has comment on the move to iTunes. Regardless, this move does come as a surprise since not only has AC/DC been very vocal about their hold out, but they are unarguably one band that doesn’t need iTunes to sell albums. Ironically, this announcement comes the same day that Kid Rock (another long-time hold out from iTunes) made his debut on iTunes by releasing his new album Rebel Soul.

Chances are many fans already have most (if not all) of AC/DC’s albums. For those who don’t or want digital copies, though, head over to iTunes now.

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