He is Legend raise over $60k for new album

Posted by on December 1, 2015

After the release of Heavy Fruit in August of last year, He is Legend got busy writing a new album just a few months later. Earlier this month, like most bands these days, they announced they’d crowdfund their next album, and around that time they raised $13,000 in 15 hours. Now, in just 29 days, He is Legend has raised over $62,000 from over 1,700 people.

Said the band via Facebook:

“We are overwhelmed by your response to our IndieGoGo campaign to fund the recording of our new album. Our deepest gratitude to everyone who has contributed to us exceeding our goal. For any of you out there who still want to grab one of these perks while the campaign is still live, you have approximately 57 hours left. Unfortunately, we can no longer offer any more “The Gardener” Action Figure Perks at this time. If you have ordered a perk that requires additional information such as sizes for T-Shirts/Hoodies/Smoking Jackets or how you prefer to recieve the Lessons From The Band, etc., we will be contacting you via email so we can gather this information from you as well as to ensure that your shipping address is accurate. We will also be emailing everyone who purchased the Full Interview with Schuylar Perk with how you can access that and watch the full interview.”

He Is Legend went on hiatus after the  2009 release of It Hates You. They returned in 2011 and put out Heavy Fruit on Tragic Hero Records. This new album will be there fifth since their debut album I Am Hollywood back in 2004.

(via LambGoat)

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