Having just released Heavy Fruit in August, He Is Legend is apparently starting work on a new album. This new comes from a recent feature with Fast Company, where the band, “disclosed that they would be starting the writing process for a new album in January 2015.”

Guitarist Adam Tanbouz, who keeps song ideas on his smart phone using the voice-memo feature, had a slight set back on a European tour:

“It was on the way to the airport coming back…I left my phone on top of a car, all my voice-memo song ideas, gone,” says Tanbouz. “I guess I’ll have to re-start writing for our upcoming record, which is kinda refreshing.”

He Is Legend took some time off  after the 2009 release of It Hates You, but returned to the scene in 2011, and just put out their fourth album, their second with Tragic Hero Records.

(via ThePRP)