Scott Weiland arrested… or not

Posted by on August 22, 2014

Ousted former Stone Temple Pilots vocalist Scott Weiland has kept a relatively low profile since his exit from the band, forming a band called the Wildabouts that he toured with last year that’s in the studio working on an album to come out this year. His relative absence was the perfect opportunity for someone that was arrested for shoplifting to claim that he was the singer. Yesterday, TMZ reported that Weiland had been behind bars after stealing razors from a drug store in Beverly Hills and caught with meth on him. Unable to post the $95,000 bail, the man, Jason Michael Hurley, remains jailed.

TMZ’s story was news to Weiland, who responded with a Facebook post titled “Scott Weiland LOCKED UP… in the studio.” The 50 second video showed him in the studio with the Wildabouts, with him ending by stating “TMZ, you’ll be hearing from my attorneys.” TMZ called the Beverly Hills P0lice Department, who claimed that they did a physical check and it was definitely Weiland. It took a little while for them to do some fingerprint analysis and realize that they had an imposter on their hands – one that looks a lot like Weiland. TMZ has apologized. We’re glad that Weiland isn’t a) on meth and b) in prison, but given the relatively public struggles he’s had with drugs and alcohol over the years, it sadly wouldn’t have been all that surprising if it had been him that was locked up.

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