This Is The Least Angry Rage Against The Machine Cover Ever

Posted by on May 23, 2013

There’s a Scottish electropop band called CHVRCHES (pronounced “churches”) that’s been making the Pitchforks of the world perk up their ears these past few months. Suffice it to say that although they’re lovely, we’re not going to write about them onĀ Metal Insider. However, before frontwoman Lauren Mayberry was in one of the most buzzed-about bands at SXSW and covering the Game of Thrones theme song, she was in a band called Blue Sky Archives. They’re not a band we would normally write about either, but yesterday, the band decided to release a cover they’d done a few years ago of Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing In The Name.”

While the original version of the song is a classic anthem of rebellion, you’ll find Blue Sky Archives’ version a little… different. It’s a major key tweefest that’s acoustic, happy and upbeat. If Zach de la Rocha heard this, he’d be rolling over in Leonard Peltier’s grave, and neither of them are dead yet. You can download the cover here, or stream it after the jump.

[via Consequence of Sound]


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