Everyone has a reason to grow a beard, whether it be for the playoffs, a strike, or fitting in when going to a metal show in Brooklyn. But now our heterosexual soul mates at MetalSucks are giving an even better reason: winning an awesome prize pack from Amon Amarth! Inspired by vocalist Johan Hegg’s facial hair, the site is encouraging its readers to grow a beard in honor of the Swedish Viking metal band’s upcoming album, Surtur Rising, which comes out in March. However, it’d be pretty discriminatory if it was only open to guys, so the ladies can compete by growing their leg or armpit hair.

Readers have until Tuesday (11) to take a picture of themselves clean-shaven, holding up a sign that says “MetalSucks” along with the date. On the album’s release date, March 29, they’ll send an updated picture. One male and one female reader will pick up a lock of Johan Hegg’s beard, a “super duper fan edition” of the new album, a drumhead signed by the band, and more. The only thing wrong with the contest is that it’s discriminatory to people that already have beards and don’t want to shave them. But hey, screw them – some things are worth shaving over. Check out the rules here.