MetalSucks’ Bizarre One-On-One With Andrew WK

Posted by on January 29, 2010

MetalSucks scored (what has lately been) a very rare interview with Andrew WK regarding his multiple-actor conspiracies, and it’s a doozy. Loaded with evasive answers and carefully thought out phrasing, it leaves no question that there are only three possible realities:

– There really are multiple people portraying/have portrayed Andrew WK in an official capacity.
– There is only one Andrew WK, but he/his often-mentioned “advisors” either created or is perpetuating these conspiracies for publicity.
– He’s not very bright or articulate and is not properly understanding which rumors are in question.

The last one is the least likely. Andrew is a very deep, thoughtful, bright, creative and successful artist. He is not a fool. While this interview won’t settle the issues, it does prove that at the very least Andrew is/can not answer very simple, straightforward questions regarding these rumors. For example:

That was also you as in the guy I’m talking to right now as opposed to somebody else, not an imposter or anybody else.

It was Andrew W.K.

Okay. That’s an interesting answer.

That’s the only answer that could be. That’s who I am, that’s me.

But it wasn’t necessarily the guy I’m talking to right now or it is?

It [pause]… even me not saying anything could make it worse. Could we make that silence off the record?


I’m serious. The way that I can answer that question is to say that Andrew W.K. and that was Andrew W.K. at 77 Boadrum.

Right, sure we can make that silence off the record.

Okay. I appreciate that. It’s not supposed to be like that.

[Andrew later agreed to leave this part on the record. -Ed.]

We highly recommend checking out the full interview, at least until Lost comes back on. Andrew will be doing a public Q&A at Santos Party House on February 23, and the Insider will be live-blogging from it.

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