It used to be that if we needed a wacko spouting conspiracy theories, we could just turn to good old uncle Dave Mustaine. Whether it was birther nonsense, claiming that Obama staged massacres at a Sikh temple and a Colorado movie theater to ban guns, or chemtrails, when you’ve got GWAR telling you to shut up, you know you’re doing something wrong. At any rate, The Megadeth frontman has quieted down quite a bit lately, and whether he’s on his meds again or just listening to Alex Jones a lot less, he’s been concentrating on music, which is fine by us. However, he appears to have passed the torch to Glenn Danzig, who had the following to say about forest fires in California on KLOS.

“I have a theory about fires in California: terrorism. It’s maximum amount of carnage for the littlest amount of money: a match and a can of gas. And you go out and [find] a brush and boom! It doesn’t cost a lot of money [and] it’s done. That’s really what it’s about, right?

“If you’re gonna outlaw guns, some guy just decides he’s gonna plow a giant truck into a ton of people in France and kills way more people. If somebody wants to do something terrible like that, they’re gonna do it.”

Sure, but if someone was trying to be a terrorist, they’d probably claim responsibility for it. Not to mention, they’d probably try to take out as many people as possible, not some relatively remote forest area in California. Who knows where he’s getting his opinions from, but they’re definitely fringe and a little crackpot-y. At least he’s still got his music, though. A new album is coming in May, and the Blackest of the Black Festival, which Glenn was promoting on KLOS, is also coming this Summer.

[via Metalsucks]