Mike Hill of Tombs’ Top 5: Conspiracy Theories

Posted by on June 9, 2014

Denver Airport

One of the more compelling theories is that one of the following groups have a secret underground military installation beneath the Denver International Airport: Neo Nazis, the Reptoids, The Illuminati or the New World Order.

Front and center to this conspiracy theory is the bizarre, often disturbing artwork that is present in the airport. The first thing you see is a 32 foot tall sculpture of a blue mustang, with bulging veins and glowing red eyes. It is often referred to as the Horse of the Apocalypse. The creator of the horse, Luis Jimenz, was killed while working on it. A large portion of the sculpture broke loose and fell on him, and he died of fatal injuries.

A “Masonic capsule” is located in the “Great Hall” of the airport.  The phrase “New World Airport Commission” is emblazoned on it. The New World Airport Commission is an organization that does not currently exist.  Furthermore, there is a time capsule buried underneath that is to be opened in 2094.

There are a series of murals pained by Leo Tanguma that seem to be unsettling quite a few people. The party line is that they represent peace, harmony and nature but under further examination, it appears that they narrate a story of imminent destruction, chaos and despair. It is generally believed among conspiracy theorists that the murals are illustrating a New World Order Manifesto. Below are some of the more troubling images:


“Peace and Harmony with Nature” depicts terrified children, extinct animals, burning cities, caskets filled with dead girls, Mayan doomsday prophesies and forest fires.


“Children of the World Dream of Peace” illustrates a scene where multi-racial children five weapons to a young boy in a Bavarian costume. This is seen my many conspiracy theorists as a depiction of the countries of the world submitting to a New World Order. A large rainbow leads from part one of the mural to part two, which shows us a sinister, gas-mask equipped military figure outfitted in a Neo-Nazi uniform marching on a ruined city. The most chilling item of this mural is the inclusion of an actual letter written by 14-year-old Hama Herchenberg who died on December 18, 1943 in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp.


New World Order

Last but not least, is the New World Order which seems to be the running thread through all of conspiracies that I have listed above. The main tenet is that a clandestine organization is conspiring to install a central authoritarian government that will displace all of the local nation governments. The main problem with this is that once, you believe that a New World order exists, you can convince yourself that anything that appears shady is part of the agenda.

For example, many believe that the global economic crisis was a construct of the New World Order to destroy the world’s economy. Most of this is anecdotal evidence at best. There is also the speech in which George Bush slips and mentions “The New World Order”, but is he referring to his agenda for a global authoritarian government or is he simply describing his idea of a foreign policy.

One of the biggest hits when searching for New World Order hashtags is the Bilderberg Group, the annual “secret” meeting of the world’s elite to discuss hidden plans. The facts that are routinely overlooked is that the Bilderberg Group has no official power, does not control an army, can neither make or enforce laws and has no formal political status. It’s simply a think tank.

Unfortunately, the most sinister Conspiracy Theory is the most easily debunked.

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